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Acavent (which stands for Academic and Event) creates forums for sharing best practices and exchanging ideas; it also contributes to the better development of professional skills in an educational and academic environment. Acavent was developed by academics for academics. We provide professional academic event organization, create forums for sharing best practices and sharing ideas, and help initiate collaboration opportunities by working closely with faculty deans, professors, academic journals, research scientists, engineers, scholars, managers, university postgraduate and undergraduates. We are trusted by researchers and administrators to create quality academic interactions.

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In addition to our professional event planning, we also host city tours in every city we serve.

Professional Conference Organizer

We organize professional academic conferences, educational workshops and events.

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We foster a close relationship with publishers to help scholars publish their work.

Worldwide Platform

We build a platform where all the players in the academic world can bring forward their latest research.

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We promote research in a variety of ways and serve many different fields. Our mission is to foster and conduct collaborative interdisciplinary research in state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies within different areas of expertise. Since the twenty-first century is all about research-based innovation, we see the potential to invest and take on an influential role in this new era.

Acavent has been able to organize various academic events and conferences in more than 20 countries, providing scholars with an amazing opportunity to share their latest research and learn more about technology, methodologies, and best practices. By holding conferences and academic events in many different countries, we hope to foster a greater level of cultural exchange, foster a lifetime enjoyment of learning, and promote more diverse and vibrant collaborations.
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International conference on tourism management and hospitality


International gender studies and sexuality


International Conference on Advanced Research in Supply Chain Management


World Conference on Media and Communication


World Conference on Climate Change and Global Warming


Global Conference on Women's Studies

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