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Acavent (which stands for Academic and Event) creates forums for sharing best practices and exchanging ideas; it also contributes to the better development of professional skills in an educational and academic environment. Acavent was developed by academics for academics. We provide professional academic event organization, create forums for sharing best practices and sharing ideas, and help initiate collaboration opportunities by working closely with faculty deans, professors, academic journals, research scientists, engineers, scholars, managers, university postgraduate and undergraduates. We are trusted by researchers and administrators to create quality academic interactions.

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In addition to our professional event planning, we also host city tours in every city we serve.

Professional Conference Organizer

We organize professional academic conferences, educational workshops and events.

Publishing opportunities

We foster a close relationship with publishers to help scholars publish their work.

Worldwide Platform

We build a platform where all the players in the academic world can bring forward their latest research.

Acavent Event and Conference Management SERVICES

As a Professional Conference Organizer, Acavent creates, organizes and plans conferences and events in various fields of science.
Acavent also offers a thorough list of services required in organizing and holding in-person and online conferences for organizations, companies, and academic institutions. We can provide a customized package of services tailored to the requirements of any conference committee. Here is an overview of the services we can offer for your event.

Social Networking Events

Everything from field trips, city tours, transportation, pre and post-conference meetings, to welcoming receptions and gala dinners is organized and coordinated by us.

Accommodation services

We work with locations to arrange for enough and suitable lodging in a number of pricing ranges, and we help speakers and delegates with their travel arrangements. Reservations made in bulk for hotels and dormitories for students, rooming lists, deadlines, particular conditions, fees, etc.

Conference Operations Management (Venue & Catering)

We can help you choose the best location, plan the meeting space needs, exhibition space, poster displays, secretariat and registration facilities, and communicate with venue and catering providers.

Finances & Budgeting

We prepare a budget plan and manage your event's budget, collect registration and sponsorship fees, and oversee third-party supplier payments. You will regularly get status updates, revised budgets, and timely submission of the final event accounts.

Marketing & Publicity

An expert marketing team will handle and plan all communications with members, delegates, and speakers, develop campaigns, approach important target sectors, write announcements, send out promotional materials, and much more.

Submission & Registration Platform

All construct an online registration and abstract submission form for your event with a secure gateway for processing and receiving payments. everything will be planned on a user-friendly platform.

Conference Website

Our skilled web design team will create a personalized website with all the information your delegates require before, during, and after the event. Live updates, social network integration, instant chat, and polling throughout sessions. The options are limitless.

Sponsorship & Exhibition

We will work with you to find suitable sponsors, put together sponsorship packages, communicate with sponsors and exhibitors, plan the exhibition's layout, and handle all logistical details.

Virtual Conferencing & Online Events

Acavent is specialized in providing smooth, professional and interesting webinars, online conferences, workshops, on top-notch online conference platforms_ entirely remote events or hybrid conferences.

CFP and Speakers Management

Our professional staff will communicate with all speakers and keynotes. All logistical details, such as preparing and posting CFP, paper submission, presentation scheduling, and speaker accommodations, will be coordinated.

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We promote research in a variety of ways and serve many different fields. Our mission is to foster and conduct collaborative interdisciplinary research in state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies within different areas of expertise. Since the twenty-first century is all about research-based innovation, we see the potential to invest and take on an influential role in this new era.

Acavent has been able to organize various academic events and conferences in more than 20 countries, providing scholars with an amazing opportunity to share their latest research and learn more about technology, methodologies, and best practices. By holding conferences and academic events in many different countries, we hope to foster a greater level of cultural exchange, foster a lifetime enjoyment of learning, and promote more diverse and vibrant collaborations.
Sustainability Considerations at ACAVENT Conferences

At ACAVENT, we are committed to organizing academic conferences that not only foster intellectual growth and collaboration but also prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility. We believe that by incorporating environmentally friendly practices into our conference planning, we can contribute to a greener future and set an example for the academic community.

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Acavent offers a diverse range of courses and workshops designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to thrive in today’s ever-changing world. Whether you’re a student seeking to enhance your academic performance, a professional aiming to sharpen your expertise, or an individual simply passionate about learning, our carefully curated programs cater to all interests and aspirations.

Invest in yourself, embrace new challenges, and seize the opportunities that await you.

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