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The International Conference on New Approaches in Education is back for its fifth edition. Taking place this year in the historic city of Brussels, Belgium, ICNAEDUCATION is the education conference of 2022.

This education conference is designed based on our principles of open-access knowledge sharing that surpasses geographical boundaries. We believe that the field of education can only move forward if the international community of academics has a platform to engage in discussions and exchange their unique perspectives. We translate this principle into the way we structure the event and select papers that will be presented at this international conference on education.

There are no geographic limits to joining the event. ICAEDUCATION 2022 can be attended in person or virtually. Likewise, you can present your paper virtually and, thanks to the cutting-edge technologies employed by our team – it will feel as if you are there, connecting with your peers, networking, and getting inspired.

We look forward to welcoming many returning attendees and meeting new faces!

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