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The International Conference on Modern Approach in Humanities has a long history. Now in its 11th edition, MAHCONF has earned the reputation of one of the must-attend academic conferences of the year in the field of humanities.

Every year, the speaker panel features a diverse group of accomplished scientists, researchers, and other academia members, presenting on subjects that address challenges on both micro and macro levels. Their fascinating research inspires the attendees, facilitates engaging discussions, and reveals hidden patterns and trends that shape the future of the field.

This is a truly international event. Past attendees joined from countries like the United States, Pakistan, South Africa, France, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Thailand, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Croatia, China, Spain, South Korea, and dozens of others. The diversity of experiences, research areas, and expertise produces vibrant discussions, filled with questions, brainstorming sessions, and collaboration proposals.

By joining MAHCONF 2023, you will not be simply attending a humanities conference. You will be joining a large community that has stood the test of time.

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