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International Conference of Modern Approach in Humanities

Considering the importance of Modern Approach in Humanities in today’s world, it seems essential to embark on scientific global inquiries in various aspects. The field of humanities is considered as one of the main areas of knowledge generation around the world. Accordingly, the 6th International Conference on Modern Approaches in Humanities provides a unique opportunity for a wide range of academics and experts to discuss topics on novel research and discoveries in the related domains.

6th International Conference of Modern Approach in Humanities which is going to be held in Paris, France on the 2nd to 4th of November, 2018 aims to provide and introduce the latest research results and practical experiences in various fields of humanities, enabling professors, researchers, experts, professionals and interested individuals to exchange the latest scientific achievements and methods with each other and the world. Knowledge sharing has always been recognized as the most practical way to spark up great enhancements in any kind of field let it be Humanities in this case. Throughout this event the challenges that this particular area of study is facing, will be thoroughly discussed as well.

It is worth noting that the series of conferences has been considered as a valid scientific event in the scientific community. The increased number of paper submissions and participants in each conference is a proof of this claim.

In addition,numerous prominent professors from UK, USA,United Arab Emirates,European Union, Canada, Turkey and Malaysia have contributed in this domain. Given this, the conferences have hosted participants from 20 countries from 5 continents, especially Canada, Mexico, France, Italy,Germany, USA, South Korea,India, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Australia,Malaysia, Turkey, Georgia,Azerbaijan, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Iran.  Tehran, Istanbul and Kuala Lumpur have been hosting series of these conferences in the past.

In this regard, the Scientific and Executive committees of the Conference kindly invite all professors, researchers and executive officials to submit, individually or in partnership with other researchers, their valuable articles comprising the latest scientific and research findings on the main themes of the Conference or the related themes to the Conference Secretariat. In addition, those scholars interested in these fields but may not wish to present a paper can take part in this scientific event as free participants.

6th International Conference of Modern Approach in Humanities which is going to be held in Paris, France on the 2nd to 4thof November, 2018 has realized that by applying the results and recommendations extracted from these explorations, there will be fundamental shift in the current position and strategies in the field of Humanities which truly is a critical topic of interest especially in this era.

The Scientific and Executive committee attempts to create a platform for presentation of novel ideas as well as innovative and effective approaches. Thus, hope this conference witness an active participation and a fruitful event with lots of let’s say modern action points for the coming years.

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