Publishing opportunities with well-recognized journals

Publishing Opportunities

Scientific and academic events provide scholars with a key advantage: publication opportunies. ACAVENT closely collaborates with international scientific journals such as Thomson Reuters (ISI), Scopus and Google Scholar, enabling researchers to get their research recognized and read by a wider audience.

At ACAVENT, we understand that researchers strive to do high quality research and advance science, technology, engineering, the humanities, and the social sciences. Research is at the core of our operation; we seek to get your conference paper peer-reviewed and published in well-recognized and credible journals. Not only do researchers have the opportunity to share their findings, but they also have a platform for further collaboration and knowledge sharing.

It can be hard to find the right journal for publishing scientific, so ACAVENT works to create strategic relationships to make finding the right publisher easier. Our long history in the world of academic event planning allows us to work closely with well-regarded journals and other publications.


Acavent encourages scholar researchers to pursue studies and careers in variety of fields. We also welcome research that highlights successful modern applications which are applicable to the current issues such as Agriculture, Biomedicine, Bioinformatics, Business, Chemical, Environment, Education, E-Learning, Geography, Mathematics and Physics. All papers in our conference proceedings will be published by the well-known press and journals. You could always attend the conferences with the sole purpose of listening and observing, the choice is yours.


At Acavent we provide quality, cost-effective educational and networking opportunities for players in academic communities. We offer the higher education link between different countries. We invest into higher education and manage relevant institutes. We give publishing prospect at professional and well known journals.


We prepare, promote, arrange, organize, implement and conduct international academic visiting and learning tours in the locations which we hold the conferences at. Our motto at Acavent is quality, satisfaction and expediency.

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