Global Conference on Gender Studies

Gender studies is an interdisciplinary field that draws on gender, feminist, and queer theories to offers updated knowledge about gendered practices, norms, and discourses.

The 2nd Global Conference on Gender Studies will engage participants from across the globe in the exploration of multidisciplinary topics such as social construction and role of gender within various societies, the meaning of gender and sex in the past and modern societies, women’s contemporary and historical experiences, and the multiple social identities.

The gender studies conference will include an intensive program, in the form of oral, virtual and poster presentations covering a very wide range of topics. In addition to this, participants will have an amazing opportunity to expand their academic networks during the sessions and the free city tour.

So, set yourself up for new knowledge in Gender Research and book your spot now!

The most important dates to remember are as follows

Description Date
Paper Submission Deadline 11 October 2024
Early Registration Deadline 30 July 2024
Late Registration Deadline 22 October 2024
Conference Dates 01- 03 November 2024

Why Join The Gender Studies Conference 2024?

GENDER 2024 is not simply an event. It’s a platform that sparks important conversations. It’s a network of scientists, researchers, PhD candidates and graduate students, and other members of the academia. It’s an opportunity to actively participate in shaping the field and bringing it into the future.
Here are just a few of the reasons to join the conference:


  • Feminism varieties
  • First and second wave feminism
  • Gender and education
  • Gender and parenting
  • Gender and pornography
  • Gender and power
  • Gender and prostitution
  • Gender and science
  • Gender and sexual harassment
  • Gender and sexuality studies


  • Sexual orientation and gender
  • Sexual revolution
  • Sociology of gender
  • Stereotype gender roles
  • The #meetoo movement
  • Violence against women
  • Women and film
  • Women and liberation
  • Women’s suffrage


  • Gender traits: nature versus nurture
  • Gender transitioning
  • Globalization and gender
  • Inequality: class, race, and gender
  • Intergender relations
  • Intersections of feminism and race
  • Literature and ideology
  • Marriage strategies and gender
  • Migrant and refugee women and girls
  • Physical and psychological well-being


  • Abortions, pregnancy and gender
  • Beauty standards and gender
  • Childfree movement and gender
  • Cognitive differences between genders
  • Contemporary theories of gender and sexuality
  • Culture, power, and inequality
  • Development of gender identity
  • Equal access of women to justice
  • Feminism and liberalism


  • Feminism movement
  • Physiological differences and gender
  • Psychoanalysis and feminism
  • Psychology of gender
  • Religion and gender
  • Same-sex marriage
  • Segregation and sexual education
  • Sex, gender and leadership
  • Sexism
  • Sexism and gender discrimination


  • Sexual behavior
  • Gender discrimination in the workplace
  • Gender discrimination laws
  • Gender dynamics in development
  • Gender identity
  • Gender in advertising
  • Gender inequalities
  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Gender representations
  • Gender roles in media and literature
  • Gender stereotypes

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