International Conference of Advanced Research in Education

The premier education conference of this year – EDUCATIONCONF 2024 – offers a global forum to present the newest advancements in the field of education and research. The quality of education has increased tremendously over the last decades. Whether digital or traditional, we must ensure that this new age of educational tools, methods, and practices is incorporated into all aspects of research.

Experience a vibrant knowledge platform at the 7th International Conference of Advanced Research in Education. Previously, we have had great success and had participants from several countries like Slovakia, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Ireland, Kenya, Peru, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, and many more. This year, we aim to host our best event yet!

Observe and learn from a myriad of expert academics and researchers about topics like e-learning, language education, curriculum development, and dozens of others. Additionally, present your work, share your knowledge, and discuss how to implement these new methods into your research. Finally, this international conference on education will look at the trends and challenges both on a macro and micro levels. Don’t miss out on this highly informative event.

The most important dates to remember are as follows

Description Date
Paper Submission Deadline 17 May 2024
Early Registration Deadline 31 January 2024
Late Registration Deadline 27 May 2024
Conference Dates 07 – 09 June 2024

Just a Few Benefits of The Education Conference 2024?

Increase and deepen your knowledge

Observe and learn from talented speakers as they talk about the latest advancements and innovations in education and research. Furthermore, get inspired to start your own research work and integrate these methods.

Become a published researcher

Get published in distinguished academic journals and gain recognition and credibility in accomplished academic circles.

Form new networks and connections

This international conference on education will be attended by a host of academic experts, scholars, and researchers — making it great for dynamic networking. Immerse in refined discussions and debates about the future of education, the newest trends and developments discovered, as well as the common challenges seen here and how to solve them. Finally, this is an ideal place for students or new researchers to find mentors.

Engage in roundtable discussions

Experience a unique and interactive form of learning by joining our roundtable sessions. This is a great way to elaborate and delve into detail about certain topics. Here, all our participants can contribute in the form of sharing their knowledge or research, asking questions, talking about challenges, as well as coming up with innovative solutions.

Become a speaker

Present your research and work in front of an extensive academic community. You can apply to be an oral or virtual speaker, or present a poster.

Receive awards

On the last day of this event, there will be an award gala to honor the presenter with the most outstanding research paper in the field of Education and Teaching.

Education Theory and Practice

  • Counselor Education
  • Educational Foundations
  • Education Practice trends and Issues
  • Theory and Practice of Physical Education Development
  • Teaching Materials and Courseware Construction
  • Education and Research Management
  • Educational Measurement and Evaluation
  • Teaching method Promote
  • Pedagogy
  • Curriculum, Research and Development

Child and Family Education

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Teaching Talent Training
  • Special Education
  • Home Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Primary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Comparison of Child Education in Different Countries

Education Policy

  • Educational Administration
  • Education Policy and Leadership
  • Rural Education
  • Student Affairs
  • Lifelong Education
  • Education, Research and Globalization
  • Teacher Education
  • Education and Management
  • Continuous Education
  • Higher Education
  • Public Education Policy
  • Comparison of Sports Education in Different Cultures
  • Sports for health education
  • Adult and Continuing Education


  • Lifelong Learning
  • E-learning
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Learning Psychology
  • Inductive reasoning
  • Machine Learning
  • Language Acquisition


  • Science Education
  • Social Studies Education
  • Business Education
  • Music Education
  • Art Education
  • Adult Education
  • Health Education
  • Language Education _ ELT / FLT
  • Mathematics Education
  • Health Education
  • Human Resource Development
  • Medium Education
  • Assessment and Evaluation

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