Virtual Delegate FAQs

Virtual presentations open doors for publication of your abstract and/or your paper without attending the conference. This category is selected by presenters who cannot attend the conference in person but whose papers have been approved (in keeping with the Submission Guidelines).

Authors certificate will be posted to the virtual presenter after the conference.
Each and every virtual poster or paper presentation will be associated with an electronic forum through which the participants may e-interact with the researchers and authors during and even after the conference. The researchers who receive such feedback, questions, suggestions or opinions will be expected to contribute in a similar way through providing answers to questions and replying to any feedback given by the participants of the conference.

conference Organizing Committee gives you the link to Web portal, and a user name and password to log on.
What to expect
All conference participants must pay the registration fee. For each paper/poster, at least one author must attend and pay the registration fee
All papers have publication opportunity in various indexed international journal

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